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Alissa Silverman, Psy.D

Written by:

May 28, 2019

The Best Kept Secret: I Want It Now!

Inspiration – Veruca Salt – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

There is a first time for everything, right?

Many times, the thing that keeps us from taking the step toward living out our hopes and dreams in life is timing. I believe one of the biggest secrets to achieving the success that you are looking for—however YOU define success—is the ability to truly understand that TIMING IS EVERYTHING!

Timing is the key ingredient to almost everything in the world around us. From the simplicity of “When should I take my banana bread out of the oven” and “Should I stay up an extra hour to finish reading this book,” to the heroic decision of “Am I ready for a life transformation?”

In the present moment, you may be asking yourself, is now the time to reveal my Silver Lining or should I wait?

As you ponder the answer, I would like you to ask yourself a follow-up question: are you someone who “wants it all”? I am aware that “wanting it all” can have negative connotations, especially for women in today’s society (think Veruca Salt of Willy Wonka fame; most would characterize her as greedy, demanding, manipulative, and even a brat). I am here to tell you it is absolutely OK to want what you want as long as you do the work to get there and as long as you FEEL GOOD ABOUT ALL of those things that set your soul on fire! One last thing: whatever you do, pretty please, do not forget to CELEBRATE yourself, however you define this.

If you are ready to reveal your Silver Lining, then why continue to wait? Waiting only shortens the amount of time you have in your new position of power! Most people overestimate what they can get done in a year and underestimate what they can accomplish over 10 years. If you truly want it all NOW, then there is no better time than the present moment to dream big, be amazing and courageous in your life, and know you are capable and deserving of being in the exact place in life that you want.

With all of my heart, I BELIEVE IN YOU, so go ahead and dream big, be amazing and courageous, drop your fears and all those obstacles that you imagine are in your way! TAKE THAT FIRST STEP TOWARD YOUR TRANSFORMATION! Should I dare you? Just stomp around like Veruca Salt. Or read my first blog post one more time, or 100 more times! See, there is no script for how to do this “life on my own terms” thing, you create that script, that is what makes you powerful, because you OWN it.

Welcome to your Silver Linings Journey. I look forward to walking alongside you on your path to personal discovery and healing.

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