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At our therapy practice, we value diversity and believe that it is essential in creating a safe and inclusive environment for all of our clients. We recognize that every individual has their own unique experiences, backgrounds, and identities, and we strive to create a space where all clients feel seen, heard, and valued. We are committed to actively promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work, and to providing culturally responsive care that is tailored to the needs of each individual client.

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The difficulties that couples experience may be complex, but typically, the solutions are simple and achievable when couples are ready to work together to build, renew, or repair their partnership. When you schedule therapy for couples at Silver Linings Psych, our goals are very straightforward. We work with couples to uncover relationship patterns that have both members of the couple feeling stuck and assist the couple in finding better ways of coping, communicating, and relating to one another. Most clients find the strategies they learn in couples therapy to have a tremendous impact on all areas their life not just their romantic partnerships.

We support couples by using various interventions and empirically-validated approaches deemed effective. However, the most important factor in relationship therapy is that our therapists genuinely care about helping couples heal and grow to lead more fulfilling lives both together and as individuals. The therapy plan for each couple is tailored to the desired outcome stated at the beginning of therapy, but our therapists are flexible and understand the partnership between two people is in constant motion. Couples therapy is dynamic, and changing course is always an option if necessary.

It Only Takes One Partner to Influence Positive Change, But Lasting Change Takes Two

Therapy for Couples

Being in a committed relationship is supposed to be one of life’s most precious and rewarding gifts, yet sadly, it can also become one of life’s greatest sources of pain and distress. Often, we enter into relationships expecting satisfaction, joy, and companionship only to find anxiety, isolation, and disappointment, and when our relationships struggle, these difficulties have a tendency to bleed over into other areas of our lives. We understand that no relationship is perfect, however it is understandable that you are desiring a partnership that is fulfilling and gives your life a greater sense of stability and satisfaction. 

The Struggle…is Real

Has your busy day-to-day family and work-life caused you and your partner to lose connection with each other and not focus on your relationship?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions about your relationship with your significant other, it might be time to consider couples therapy:

Are you and your significant other stuck in an exhausting cycle of conflict?

Do you essentially live together like frustrated roommates?

Have you and your significant other reached a point where you have hurt each other so much you have shut down emotionally? 

Have you begun engaging in unhealthy coping techniques or bad habits, such as substance abuse, workaholism, or infidelity to avoid and numb the pain you feel in your marriage?






Many people think about couples therapy as a tool to “save” severely troubled marriages. Not only is couples therapy a valuable tool for relationships with severe struggles, but it can also be helpful for couples experiencing minor relationship difficulties who are simply in need of support during a particularly stressful time, such as during the birth of a new child, the death of a loved one, or the loss of a job. Going to couples counseling at the onset of a problem can be a good “marriage tune-up,” helping to prevent further pain and struggle down the road.

Is Couples Therapy for Us?

In addition to helping couples renew or rebuild their marriage during times of difficulty, therapy can also be a great way to set a relationship up on the right path. You might hear this kind of couples counseling referred to as premarital therapy, but you don’t have to be engaged to decide your new relationship is important to you, and you’d like to do everything you can to develop a healthy, lasting partnership. By visiting a therapist together in the beginning of your relationship, you can establish a healthy, secure bonds, learn great communication skills, and work toward your shared goals as a couple.

A third reason that couples consider therapy is “maintenance.” Even when things are going well, checking in with each other and developing new skills to sustain the relationship can always make things even better. Some couples choose to check in with a therapist for a few sessions every year, especially if they previously sought therapy to repair a rift or overcome a challenge. Others work with a therapist on or around big anniversaries to make sure they’re still “in sync” and on the same page.

Whatever reason you’re considering couples counseling, there is no better time than the present to commit to yourself and your partner! Trust me, you will thank your future selves for this!

Each of our therapists brings a unique perspective to the practice. That means we can offer specific therapy solutions that make sense for your needs. You can get to know our counselors who offer therapy for couples by clicking the link to their individual pages below. 

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YOU are the One in Control of Drawing the Silver Lining Around Your Clouds.

Choosing to work on your relationship with a therapist can feel overwhelming, and we understand you may feel hesitant, worried, unsure how to approach your significant other, and possibly a whole host of other complicated emotions. The therapists at Silver Linings Psych would love to help you take the next step. When you’re ready, get in touch to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation with one of our couple’s therapists. 

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