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At our therapy practice, we value diversity and believe that it is essential in creating a safe and inclusive environment for all of our clients. We recognize that every individual has their own unique experiences, backgrounds, and identities, and we strive to create a space where all clients feel seen, heard, and valued. We are committed to actively promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work, and to providing culturally responsive care that is tailored to the needs of each individual client.

our diversity policy

currently accepting new clients for In Person & Virtual Sessions

– Mark Twain

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

I would love to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation call with YOU!

Are you a professional trying to get a handle on work, love, and life? Are you ready to give yourself permission to define who you want to be and where you want to go long term? The pressure in today's world to feel happy all of the time and do life "the right way" can start to take a toll. As your therapist, I welcome the opportunity to assist you in finding who you really want to be and how you really want to be living your life today and in the future!

Are you ready to make the commitment to changing something significant in your life?

Courtney Marcellus, LPC

You want real change in your life and you are not afraid to work hard for it. You want to enhance a marital or intimate partner relationship. You appreciate honesty from your therapist.

You look forward to the day when you can be your authentic self in all of your relationships. Where you can make others a priority without sacrificing yourself.

Do you believe I am the best person to guide and support you on your journey of personal transformation? Don't wait! Take that first step toward living your best life today!

Am I checking all the right boxes for you?

My life and career have given me a diverse background that has fostered a sense of empathy and openness that is hard to beat. I can quite literally talk to anyone and find a way to connect to them. I understand the human condition and can reach the core of our experiences of stress, anxiety, depression, difficulties stemming from childhood, and existential concerns that play out in the present. I am passionate about helping people realize their full potential, and live their best life. I continue to push myself to learn and grow, and will help you to do the same.


I take pride in having the opportunity to walk this path with you. When you are ready I am too. No better time than the present.

I have a graduate degree in clinical psychology and an eye for patterns. I could walk into a room and know if a coaster had been moved. It's a blessing and a curse, but professionally it works! Through a blend of psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral therapy, and acceptance therapies, we will identify patterns that may be holding you back without you even knowing it. 



In therapy, we will work to uncover the thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you stuck and will solidify new habits so you can move beyond this stuck place. 

No matter what, I can promise that I will walk with you while we do this work together to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, I live for the kind of work that empowers you to navigate your way out of anxiety, sadness, grief, challenging relationships, and potentially unresolved past events. We will work together to find that "sweet spot" in life that makes the road a little clearer and easier to travel. 



Courtney Marcellus, LPC

I love to spend time with family, friends and my rascal of a rescue mutt, O.G. I love to cook, and I spend a lot of time trying new recipes, and new restaurants. When I'm looking for a quieter day, I'm a huge fan of curling up on the couch to read, watch movies, or nap!


The        side of Courtney!

"...not only has she allowed me a safe space to grow but she helped me set realistic goals..."

I started therapy feeling like I needed a place to vent. Courtney helped me realize there was much more that I could do about the problems I was dealing with. She taught me that, "nothing changes if nothing changes" and I have been able to use that in so many different ways in my life. She just gets it, not only has she allowed me a safe space to grow but she helped me set realistic goals for the things I wanted in my life. She never judged me and my choices. If you want to be a better version of yourself, I would absolutely recommend Courtney as the therapist to help you do that!

"...we started to use the new ways we were learning to communicate with one another..."

Courtney made really complicated issues in our relationship not only understandable but also manageable. She took the time to understand the issues between us, and then helped us to do the same outside of the sessions. Through Courtney's feedback and “life" assignments, we started to use the new ways to communicate with one another and apply those skills to our life when disagreements surfaced. Constant arguments are not the center of our life anymore, and we are back to enjoying what brought us together in the first place.

"...Courtney has taught me how to live life in a way that makes me feel better and be a better person...."

"There are so many life lessons I will keep with me forever. Courtney has taught me how to live life in a way that makes me feel better and be a better person. She has an incredible ability to see destructive patterns and safely work to get a person out of a cycle that is not serving them. I was finally able to get out of that cycle and get my life on track." 

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