Silver Linings Psych believes “better” is possible for everyone.
We believe you do not need to be “broken” to benefit from therapy. We believe therapy is one of many tools women use to strengthen themselves. Most of all, we believe YOU when you say, “I think I’m made for more.”

Therapy Services


In-Office Therapy

Psychologist, Alissa Silverman, offers brief and extended therapy sessions in our conveniently located Rittenhouse office.



Using a telehealth platform brings convenience to therapy and helps us correct the social isolation brought forth by social media and digital communication.


Parent Coaching

You and your child will benefit from PCIT (Parent-Child Interaction Therapy), and its 30 years of evidence-base, designed to help you do parenting EVEN BETTER.


Clinical Supervision

A venue where therapy professionals receive impactful insight and sound strategies on the most challenging of dynamic clinical matters and cases


I'm Ready to Start

We want to to walk alongside you on your
transformative journey towards your life of value.

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What People Are Saying


“I wholeheartedly agree that Dr. Silverman empowers those around her every day – as an expert individual and group psychologist, a devoted clinical supervisor, and an endlessly supportive colleague. I would like to add that she also has an almost supernatural ability to anticipate and solve problems before they happen – over the past few years I’ve stopped questioning how she does this and learned to just listen to her wisdom!”



“I have had the pleasure to work more closely with Dr. Silverman in the past few years with directing our fast growing program. I feel we complement each other nicely in our skills. If I had one word to describe Alissa it would be “empowering”. She is always supportive and encouraging, and always knows the right thing to say. Her power stand presentation was a perfect example of how she empowers others. Thanks Alissa, you are a valued colleague and I am grateful to be co-directing this program with you!”



“Dr. Silverman is highly dedicated to helping others, especially when they present complex or puzzling issues. She seeks collaboration with other mental health professionals to insure she has developed an in-depth understanding of the issues presented. Dr. Silverman is greatly adept at transforming this understanding into effective strategies that foster fundamental change for her clients.”



“I met Dr. Silverman at the 2019 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium. In our first interaction, I could feel her sincerity in genuinely wanting to help others think and believe in what they are passionate about. It is clear she is always thinking of ways to help her clients find solutions to whatever they are encountering in their life. She even inspired me in our short interaction. I would be extremely pleased to recommend her to anyone that is looking for help from a licensed psychologist.”

Meet Dr. Silverman

Dr. Silverman is a licensed psychologist who is in the business with a burning desire to transform the lives of individuals who feel there is more to their life than the way they are currently living it. Dr. Silverman uses an active, dynamic, and coaching style approach with clients to move them in the direction toward change and a life of value on their terms.

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