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Alissa Silverman, Psy.D

Written by:

June 5, 2020

Mentors, ‘You Know The Great Ones…’


You know the great ones, the once-in-a-lifetime ones, the ones that you say to yourself, “how did I get to be so lucky?”

They taught us work/life balance and autonomy, as well as trust, respect, and love for our field, our patients, and ourselves

However, our mentors never prepared us for this

Our professional and personal lives have been turned upside down. Now, as much of the world readies itself to return to some semblance of normal, many psychologists are facing what may be the biggest decision of their careers: 

When should I take my private practice back into the office? 

Adding to this dilemma, each state, industry, and institution has its own, often conflicting, recommendations for reopening and returning to normalcy

As you work through your decision-making process, it may help to think about what your mentor would do. Think back to what they taught you

Here are a few steps to help you make this critical decision:

• Check in with your mentor, if you can. They can help guide you through this difficult process

• List the pros & cons of taking your practice back into the office ️

• Write down your values; Narrow them down to 3 most important

• Reflect on how your decision could either support or undermine your core values

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