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June 13, 2020

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

As you work through your decision-making process, it may help to think about what your mentor would do in this situation. Think back to the foundational elements they have taught you over the years

Mine stressed for me to:

• Have love, compassion, & respect for the whole person ️

• Strive to understand what people value and makes them tick

• Ensure safety at all costs ️

• Use a consistent approach in dealing with complicated situations

• Never ask someone to do something you have not already done or are not prepared to do yourself

• Stay calm

• Stay true to your values

• Be honest and transparent

Who is someone you can mentor and help support and guide during this time? My hope is one day WE ALL will live in a where everyone understands and works toward the common goal of, what John F. Kennedy was trying to communicate when he said: “A rising tide lifts all boats”