Courtney Marcellus, LPC

Are you Ready to Make a Positive Change?

Are you a professional trying to get a handle work, love, and life? Are you ready to give yourself permission to define who you want to be and where you want to go long term? The pressure in today's world to feel happy all of the time and do life "the right way" can start to take a toll. As your therapist, I welcome the opportunity to assist you in finding who you really want to be and how you really want to be living your life today and in the future! Schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation call with Courtney.


Working with Courtney is right for you IF:

TODAY >> You want real change in your life and you are not afraid to work hard for it. You want to enhance a marital or intimate partner relationship. You appreciate honesty from your therapist.

YOUR GOAL >> You look forward to the day when you can be your authentic self in all of your relationships. Where you can make others a priority without sacrificing yourself.

THE PATH >> In therapy, we will work to uncover the thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you stuck and will solidify new habits so you can move beyond this stuck place.

No matter what, I can promise that I will walk with you while we do this work together to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, I live for the kind of work that empowers you to navigate your way out of anxiety, sadness, grief, challenging relationships, and potentially unresolved past events. We will work together to find that "sweet spot" in life that makes the road a little clearer and easier to travel. I take pride in having the opportunity to walk this path with you. When you are ready I will be here. No better time than the present!

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