Dr. Silverman’s Vision & Values

Dr. Silverman was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Her desire for professional growth and a “real” winter coat drove her to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she obtained an undergraduate degree in psychology and sociology. To this day, she is unclear how she survived the frigid winters. Philadelphia is where she decided to pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology, graduating in 2006 from Chestnut Hill College.

Practicing in the mental health field since 2000 and obtaining a license in 2007, Dr. Silverman has spent almost two decades working in various mental health settings. This wide array of clinical experiences has led her to be very skilled in her approach to individual and group psychotherapy, supervision/mentoring, and teaching. Through this work, Dr. Silverman has become an expert in personality dynamics and systems-based care.

Dr. Silverman, in addition to her Center City boutique private practice in the Rittenhouse Square area of Philadelphia, has spent the last decade working in various clinical and supervisory roles at the Veterans Hospital in Philadelphia for trainees and other licensed clinical psychologists.

She currently serves as a Clinical Assistant in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania, teaching medical students and psychiatry residents. Her commitment to exceptional teaching practices earned Dr. Silverman the University of Pennsylvania Dean’s Award for Excellence in Medical Student Teaching by an Allied Health Professional in 2011. One of her missions she is passionate about in life is to provide others with guidance and mentorship in a way that completely serves the best interest of of the individual she is in front of at all times.

“I understand life can be messy and out of balance. I am here to help you chart your course.“

In her spare time, you can find Dr. Silverman practicing hot yoga, spending time with family and friends, enjoying the fresh air outside, making her famous chocolate chip banana bread, eating delicious desserts, enjoying a Broadway show or late-night movie on TV, or reading one of the many books she has open at any given time.

Dr. Silverman is a woman who believes life is a journey with learning and lessons available all of the time. She uses struggle to gain strength and searches for growth opportunities in each and every personal experience. She firmly believes it takes a village to do life and do it well; although, she recognizes how difficult this can be because it requires needing others in a way that makes one vulnerable to pain.

Connecting with others is risky, although a risk she would encourage everyone to take in their life to experience the true relational joy from simply just being with another person. She loves to use stories to explain concepts and cherishes the stories others share with her.

Another strong mission of hers is to bring as much value as possible to the lives of those that trust her to walk alongside them in their quest for more in life. Philadelphia is her permanent home.


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