Teletherapy for Couples


During the COVID-19 pandemic, all clients are able to be seen via Tele-health through a HIPAA compliant secured platform.

It only takes ONE partner to influence positive change.

The GOAL for the couple in therapy is to uncover relationship patterns that have both members of the couple feeling stuck and to assist the couple in finding better ways of coping and communicating.

What is Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy?

Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy is a short-term therapy solution that helps couples—or individuals on behalf of their couple—recognize and adjust unhelpful communication patterns. The difficulties couples experience may be complex, but typically the solutions are simple and achievable. Most clients find the strategies they learn in couples therapy bring harmony back into their relationship and enhance the bond they have with their partner.

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The Struggle

Being in a committed relationship is supposed to be one of life’s most precious and rewarding gifts, yet sadly, it can also become one of life’s greatest sources of pain and distress. So often we enter into relationships expecting satisfaction, joy, and companionship only to find anxiety, isolation, and disappointment.

Do you experience any of the following with your significant other:

  • Has your busy day-to-day family and work life caused you and your partner to lose connection with each other and not focus on your relationship?
  • Are you and your spouse stuck in an exhausting cycle of conflict?
  • Have you and your spouse reached a point you have hurt each other so much that you have shut down emotionally and essentially live together like frustrated roommates?
  • Have you begun engaging in unhealthy habits, such as alcohol and drug abuse, workaholism, or infidelity to avoid and numb the pain you feel in your marriage?

Take the First Step Toward Re-Awakening a Healthy, Fulfilling Relationship

If you decide to partner with Silver Linings Psych, I am confident you will find this to be a safe, nonjudgmental space where you can explore your individual backgrounds, beliefs, and behaviors, as well as family-of-origin issues that might be impacting your relationship. 

We will support you and help your relationship improve by utilizing various interventions and empirically-validated approaches to couples therapy. Some of the primary tools we will provide the couple with include skills for:

  • Processing old wounds and hurts
  • Resolving problems that are solvable
  • Talking about unsolvable problems in a more productive manner
  • Increasing fondness and intimacy
  • Regulating extreme, destructive emotions that often occur during and after conflicts

Each intervention is tailored to the couples a particular situation and specific needs.

Is Couple’s Therapy For Me?

Not only is couples therapy a valuable tool for relationships with severe struggles, it can also be extremely helpful for couples experiencing mild relationship difficulties that are simply in need of support during a particularly stressful time, such as during the birth of a new child, the death of a loved one, or the loss of a job. Going to couples counseling at the onset of a problem can be a preventative measure or a “marriage tune-up,” helping to prevent further pain and dysfunction down the road.

There is no time better than the present to make a commitment to yourself and your partner!  You both will thank your future selves for this!


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