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Kids DO NOT come with a handbook BUT if they did, there is a strong chance we would forget to consult with it, due to the under-rested and over-tasked nature of PARENTBRAIN.  The handbook’s many pages of contradictory, overly complex methods would fatigue us faster than spectating at our kid’s double-header baseball game in the 90-degree, noonday sun.  “Practice makes perfect,” we might be heard, mumbling through exhaustion.

What if I told you that same adage held true with parenting, that FIVE MINUTES OF STRATEGIC PARENTING PRACTICE A DAY is all you need to perfect your parenting?


Parent Coaching allows you and your child to participate in live, weekly coaching sessions, during which you learn, practice, and perfect simple, implemental strategies to generate more desirable behaviors from your child and create a more loving and trusting bond with your child.

Practice of these same strategies for FIVE MINUTES A DAY is research-proven to:

  • Improve your child’s behavior at home and at school
  • Increase your child’s compliance with commands
  • Improve your child’s self-esteem
  • Enhance the love and trusting bond between you and your child
  • Create a consistent parenting response between you and your parenting partner
  • Decrease your parenting stress and depression levels
  • Improve your child’s focus, speech, and vocabulary

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Do you find yourself watching Nanny 911 with great envy, wondering why her methods fall flat when you try to implement them at home? Do you crave a more peaceful, loving and supportive household? Do you often wonder, “Am I doing this right,” after you intervene in a sibling argument for the seventh time in the same day?

You are doing the best you can and our Parent Coaching utilizes PCIT (Parent-Child Interaction Therapy), and its 30 years of evidence-base, to help you do parenting EVEN BETTER.

If you want to feel sure about your parenting strategy and see the benefit of your parenting in your child’s confidence and behavior, parent coaching is FOR YOU.


We recognize that gaining and holding the attention of a child this day and age is no easy task. With Parent Coaching, we set you up for success by making toys and FOCUSED PARENTAL ATTENTION the cornerstone of every coaching session. Your child will love the experience of you as a positive, enthusiastic and, unbeknownst to them, coached, playmate during your special time sessions.

Any or all of the listings below indicate that you and your child will benefit from parent training.

  • Your child is between the ages of 2-6.
  • Your child has tantrums.
  • Your child’s behavior causes strain in your parental relationship.
  • Your child’s school or care provider is concerned about your child’s behaviors while in their care.
  • You love your child but often feel embarrassed by their behavior in public.
  • You implemented other parenting techniques to try to change your child’s behavior.


The world today is hyper-competitive and fast-moving. One of the greatest worries of modern parents is how their child and their child’s self-esteem will withstand the constant stream of imagining, and pressure to perform. Parents are susceptible to these same pressures and exhaust easily when attempting to address behavioral issues over time. This exhaustion results in emotion-based parenting and the cycle of poor child behavior and an exacerbating parental response continues well into adolescence. PCIT-based Parent Coaching instills excellent parenting habits that subsequently generate a strong self-concept in your child early. Secure kids are better equipped to face the world without faltering.


Common sense tells us that the most beneficial time to intervene on a problem is at the start of but the competing demands of parenting make it easy to label a young child’s problematic behavior as “just a phase.” This type of mislabeling creates a situation where parents put off getting the help the child needs to improve and, unfortunately, as the child grows, the problem grows as well. While mid-childhood and adolescent therapies can be effective for minimizing problematic behaviors and anxieties, nothing is as effective as intervening early.

Children exhibiting early behavioral disturbance, generalized anxieties, and sensory challenges are at higher risk for developing social-emotional disorders in adolescence. If these vulnerabilities are addressed in early childhood, through Parent Coaching, the child will be better positioned to cope with future social-emotional challenges.

The earlier YOU connect to Parent Coaching for your child, the better your child’s self-esteem and behaviors will be.  The impact of delaying or, even worse, never learning these skills, can set your child up for negative social and emotional outcomes in the future.


Our PCIT-based Parent Coaching sessions happen via Skype-like technology, so that the coaching happens in the child’s “natural habitat,” your home.

The environment DOES NOT need to be perfect for us to have perfect parenting outcomes. We are very accustomed to working around household distractions to get the outcomes you are looking for. An internet connection, a laptop with wireless earbuds, as well as a few specific sets of toys is all you need to get started.

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