Adult Therapy

Virtual Consultation

This option involves a one-time 40-minute consultation with Dr. Silverman, either by phone or secure video conference. This consult is for individuals who want to explore how they might benefit from therapy before actually committing to it. This consult will allow prospective clients to assess goodness of fit and clarify therapy goals. While not therapy, this option can provide a general overview of behavioral patterns and help generate a general plan for next steps.  Included is 1 follow-up email exchange within 7 days.  If you bring your ALL to this call you will not be disappointed!


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Initial Individual Intake Evaluation

This 90-minute session serves to help Dr. Silverman get to know you better and understand how to serve you best.  She will ask some general questions about your life and background and learn about your transformative therapy goals. The objective for this evaluation is to get an understanding of what roadblocks are stopping you from reaching your potential and moving forward in your life.

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Individual Psychotherapy

Your Silver Linings Journey officially begins with these 50-minute sessions, during which you begin to explore your current and past behaviors to understand the process of how you got to the place you are in now.  A person can often become stuck because it feels easier to remain in their current state then doing things differently. Dr. Silverman will work with you to target thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are slowing you down.  Psychotherapy will help move you into action by working to develop a vision for where you want to go in your life. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions will help build the consistency needed in order for you to get the most out of the process of therapy, with the ultimate goal being to live a life of value and being free of all fears standing in the way of your full potential.

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Extended Psychotherapy

If you are looking for a little more time on your Silver Linings Journey and you have a lot of information and topics to discuss, process, and develop action items for, these 85-minute extended sessions are for you. If you are unable to meet weekly or bi-weekly, Extended Psychotherapy sessions are perfect for multiple topics on the agenda during your therapy time.

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Parent Consultation

This consultation is for parents who have adolescent or a young adult child with addiction and/or emotional difficulties. Parent Consultations are available for either regular (50 minutes) or extended (85 minutes) sessions. Having a child struggling in some capacity can be one of the most difficult challenges a parent faces and an extremely isolating and frightening experience.  Dr. Silverman will work with you to develop a plan that incorporates all of the factors possibly contributing to making decisions on how to help you and your child through this trying time.  The Parent Consultation also includes 1 follow-up email exchange within 7 days of each appointment.

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