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During the COVID-19 pandemic, all clients are able to be seen via Tele-health through a HIPAA compliant secured platform.

Are you a woman who wants it all?

And by “all,” we mean, the entire list of ALL THE THINGS your heart desires. If your answer is YES, you are in the correct place because we want it all too, and we sincerely believe that we can all have everything we want!

We welcome you to continue reading to decide for yourself if our psychologists and therapists are right for you, in this moment, as you begin your Silver Linings Journey.

It’s never been more important to protect our sense of connection with others. We need to find strength and support in human connection to propel us to the next level of personal fulfillment. We need to avoid the social isolation pitfall brought forth by social media and digital communication; instead, we need to learn how to use these tools to better ourselves and each other.

We want to ask you a couple more questions to ensure that your goals are compatable with our practice philosophies. A strong therapeutic relationship between psychologist and client is essential in the transformation and change process. One of our practice philosophies is that all people are HAVE goodness. And the more each person projects their “goodness” into the world, the better off we will all be. Our role, as therapists, is to help you recognize your worth and inherent “goodness”.

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Silver linings Psych Therapy Team


Do you say the following statements or questions to yourself?

I KNOW I am destined for great things in my life!

I KNOW I could have all the things I desire if I did not feel so alone all of the time. Why do I feel alone even when I’m surrounded by people?

I KNOW I could have more in my life if I had someone I could trust and confide in, someone who could guide me, without judgment, in moving my life forward in a significant way.

I KNOW I can have it all, but why do I feel like an impostor in my own life? Do others feel this way too?

I KNOW I sometimes struggle with communicating effectively with those I love in my life.

I KNOW oftentimes I feel misunderstood, judged, and invalidated.

I KNOW I engage in unhealthy habits that do not serve me well. Why can’t I just stop?

I KNOW I want to think positive things about myself, my life, and the world. If I consistently thought this way, I would have more time to do all the things I know I am capable of doing.

I KNOW wanting things to be perfect all of the time really gets in the way of achieving all I can.

I KNOW if I just had more hours in the day, I could do life so much better.

I KNOW I have tried to clear my head of the negative voices running wild, but nothing seems to consistently work.

I KNOW at times I have struggled with anxiety, depression, ADHD, addictive behaviors, relationship difficulties, life/work transitions, perfectionism, lack/loss of balance for things that I value, lack/loss of direction, and/or loneliness.

If these statements sound all too familiar and you are motivated to change, there is nothing stopping you from getting out of your comfort zone and making the necessary changes to live a more positive and fulfilling life!

YOU are the one in control of drawing the Silver Lining around your clouds.

“Today I am MAKING MY MOVE to do life differently.”

If you want it all in life, why wait?

Our deepest wish for you is that you will choose to begin your journey NOW.

If you determine the timing IS right for you now, Let’s Connect! Timing is everything and what better time than the present to begin trusting yourself (maybe for the first time ever). We can spend a decade thinking, planning, and strategizing that change needs to happen; however, the actual decision to change happens instantly. This is the first necessary step in getting all that you want out of life.

If the timing is NOT right for you now, please know that is absolutely OK as well. We want to encourage you to show compassion toward yourself and trust that you will know when the timing is right to make your move. Whenever that is, Silver Linings Psych will be here for you!

Questions to Consider:

  • If you decide to do nothing, and you continue to live your life as you are currently, what will life look like for you 5 years from now?
  • What would you gain?
  • What would you lose (maybe this loss was necessary)?
  • Would a decision made sooner change the trajectory of your life significantly?

Remember, not making a decision, or choosing to keep things the same, is also a decision. Defining, creating, and implementing a road map for change can be an extremely difficult and lonely process. These feelings can dampen creativity and stop one’s ability to come up with productive solutions to have the life you have dreamed!

We would love the opportunity to walk alongside you on your transformative journey to living a life of value to you!

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